Zorali is an Australian outdoor brand. It’s birthed out of the curious minds of it’s founders Elise and Cam. Having met in Torquay, the two merged their love for the outdoors, and “nature’s goodness”.

The three pillars Zorali is built on include; people, planet and product. They appear to understand the connection between their works, their product and ultimately the planet – which ultimately will lead to happy customers.

In terms of sustainable practices they use a mixture of hemp, organic cotton and recycled fabrics. We approve of this. They also say “the only footprint here, folks, is one of our hiking boots”, as they are carbon neutral. Zorali also donates 1% of revenue to preservation and restoration of the natural environment. If that wasn’t enough, they also plant 10 trees for every product purchased. By 2025 they plan to “close the loop” and be fully regenerative. We will definitely be writing a blog post about what this means in the near future! 

They have a number of factories, all located in China, which have been visited by their founders and operate under a code of conduct so workers are protected. All of this information is available on their website, but we at Greenstyle have been lucky enough to chat with Cam – he’s pretty cool, definitely one to listen to while you’re on a walk, doing the dishes etc.

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