Written in Sunlight focuses on crafting tasteful, ethical, and authentic clothing pieces inspired by a creative desire for a timeless and elegant style. Established in Mount Maunganui, Written in Sunlight was built with the intent to provide ethical and sustainable styles without the exorbitant pricing or the compromise of quality.  Our clothing is handmade with you in mind.

We aspire to provide fabrics comprising natural fibres which are responsibly sourced. This fact does not limit our ability to design and create beautiful clothing for every occasion. We pride ourselves on being able to create garments that are not limited to singular functions. The practicality and beauty of our designs provide you with many opportunities to wear your slow fashion pieces. Our pieces are made for adventuring in, dancing in, eating divine food in and relaxing in. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered in what you wear, without the presence of guilt that accompanies fast fashion.

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