Snrklbr sells bright and retro-style swimwear. They sell a lot of cheeky cuts and styles, most likely suited to a younger female audience…if you get what I mean. 

However they try their best not to be cheeky to the environment. On their website they address the problem of microfibres (aka plastic, which marine life can and will consume) and like a number of brands, they have chosen to use regenerated nylon from ECONYL®. We applaud them for this. They also…

  • Opt for Carbon Neutral Couriers (80% orders are delivered this way)
  • Use compostable mailers, made by Better Packaging Co
  • Any plastics are recycled at their local collection centre
  • Sell and promote Guppyfriend, a bag used to wash garments to avoid releasing microfibres into our waterways

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