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ReCreate’s sewing centre is located in the disadvantaged community of Dey Tmey, Cambodia. The people of Dey Tmey were originally slum dwellers who lived in the capital city of Phnom Penh. In 2007, in efforts to improve tourism in Cambodia, the authorities evicted many slum dwellers into rural sites called relocation areas. One of these areas was Dey Tmey, meaning “New Land”. As this relocation area was far from their former jobs and schools, the people quickly found themselves in desperate situations with little opportunity for employment or education. Income was found through prostitution, drugs, washing clothes and selling food. Children were kept home from school to collect rubbish, watch siblings, or in the worst cases sold for slave labour or to brothels.

As the years passed and the community developed, opportunities for women to find rightful employment remained scarce. So, in 2013, the ReCreate sewing centre was launched and the first intake of students began their journey of learning a new skill in order to transform their lives. 

The ReCreate headquarters are based in New Zealand and our team is led by founding director Erica Gadsby, together with creative director Marielle Van de Ven. Every year we aim to provide even more opportunities within the Dey Tmey community, empowering people to provide for themselves, their families and their futures. It is with your support that we will not only see transformation in the fashion industry, but together, we will transform lives.

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