Nope Sisters

We expand our designs and charity partnerships to share real messages that need to be spread across Aotearoa  and the World.

Our supporters wear their tees with purpose –  to start  important conversations about breast cancer awareness, sexual abuse, youth suicide, period poverty, eating disorder and more. We can’t keep quiet!

Every shirt we make shares profits by way of monthly donation, with charity organisations who support sufferers or vulnerable communities. It is our way of building a simple business model for social good.

We are determined to lessen our impact on the planet by making a conscious effort to create meaningful garments in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. We made the switch to 100% ORGANIC COTTON t-shirts from NZ company. We chose this local company for their fit, quality and socially responsible practices. They have an Ethical Fashion Guide A- rating with a high level of transparency in their production processes. They use Globally Certified  organic cotton using less water, no genetic modification and no chemicals in their production process. All our designs are made locally  at A1 Apparel in Wellington, replicating our  original hand stitched designs.

  1. Each garment is 100% custom made to order on request – it’s a zero waste model. It’s all about sustainability and giving the maximum we can to the causes we support.
  2. We are personally engaged with the work and values of each of our charity partners. We know exactly where your donations are being spent.

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