Need Essentials

needessentials is a local Australian owned and operated wetsuit company that is based in Torquay and “was born on the desire to consume less and live simply”. In 2013 Ryan Scanlon founded a company that “doesn’t promote over consumption or try to convince you to buy more than you need.”  

As stated by Ryan himself,  the need-team ‘are all dedicated surfers who choose to live simple, humble surfing lives and remain connected to nature, travel and community.’ 

needessentials is more than a progressive, responsible and conscious wetsuit company; it humbly leads for authenticity, honesty and advocates for true connection, love and respect  for community and especially nature.

The needessentials products whether that be wetsuits, booties or hoods are built on the concept of being responsibly sourced and designed for longevity and practicality. Timeless , humble pieces that won’t go out of fashion and one of the best parts about it needessientails has affordability at the forefront. And as Ryan says, “It is about having less stuff and more freedom”.  

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