Indigo Luna Store

Indigo Luna ethically makes Yogawear, Swimwear & Linen. Having originated out of Torquay in Australia, they began as a small-town family business, and even as they have expanded they seem to maintain the same values and ethics in their work. 

Us Greenstyle girls have actually purchased from this brand over the past couple years, and can tell you first hand, that their garments are not only pleasing to the eye, but are very durable. There is a lot to discuss on why this is so.

They are extremely transparent regarding everything from fabrics, to manufacturing, workplace practices, dyes and packaging. In this sense, Indigo Luna appears to fundamentally understand the complex issue that is the fast fashion industry. 

Like many brands, they use ECONYL® for creating their nylon leggings and swimwear or REPREVE® recycled nylon from plastic bottles. In addition to these practices they also promote ethical consumption. This is a difficult topic, but they do not merely ask their customers to buy less. Rather, Indigo Luna actively defies “normal” marketing ploys utilised by other brands, e.g. not participating in Black Friday sales. 

The earthy tones used throughout all their pieces raise questions as to what considerations are made when choosing colours. There are so many questions we have, we’d love to sit and chat with this brand one day. 

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