Euphoric Collection Swimwear

Euphoric Collection Swimwear is a small online boutique specializing in handmade and custom made fashion swimwear. We are proudly designed and hand made in Wairarapa, New Zealand by designer and founder, Natasha Overend.

Our designs are inspired by timeless pieces that can be worn again and again no matter what the year is. Our brand is for women who like to wear minimalistic bikinis that are sustainable and ethically made with love. We offer an inclusive size range from NZ size 6-20, All ranging from sexy and cheeky cuts to supportive cuts. At Euphoric Collection, it is all about supporting and empowering women, no matter what your clothing size tag says.

As well as supporting women, we also care about our environment too! Which is why the majority of the base colors we have to offer are made from Recycled post and pre-consumer nylons, fishnets and other ends of life materials! Being a brand that’s products are ethically made is so important to us. But not only that – we strive to be as ethically friendly to our beautiful planet too! We have drawstring bags to put our beautiful bikinis in that can be used for multiple purposes and all of our orders are consciously made to order which means we have control over our waste too! We try to create as minimal waste as possible, and what waste we do make we re-purpose to the best of our abilities.

Euphoric Collection to me is so much more than just a store selling garments. Every single thing I do here is with intention. Not only do I have such a strong love for sewing, I also have a deep passion for women and for the environment. I hope with this brand I am able to bring all these things I mentioned above to light and make a stand, whilst doing so in a informative, sensible and beautiful manner.”

 Natasha xx

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