Dirty Hippie

My name is Dawn, I live in Waipu with my 3 crazy, beautiful, caring and a bit feral girls, a hubby who is very supportive and has gradually taken over lots of the day-to-day running of the house, along with a bunch of animals.  I started Dirty Hippie because of the trouble I had finding natural products at a price I could afford, that were actually natural and worked!

Natural Products started to become important to me when I was pregnant with my now 11 year old.  It was a long road of changing things as I could/realised how awful they were.  It seemed most natural products either weren’t really that natural, contained un-ethical ingredients or were just not that great and/or expensive.  The biggest shocker to me was realising deodorant contains aluminium, something we put into our sensitive armpits where there are lymph nodes, and right by our breasts where we feed our babies.  It seemed wrong, how can this be allowed?  But it is unfortunately, lots of awful things are used in products because mostly businesses care about profit not people.

I started by making for myself and then for friends, they encouraged me to make more, so I did!  I started in the kitchen, then quickly took over our caravan and a few months later I had to get serious and we got a loan to buy a cabin!  I now have a huge cabin with a kitchen that has all the room for my products and supplies and making.  It’s my little sanctuary, it smells amazing and I have full rights over the music!   

We have 3 kids who we home educate/follow a life learning path with and it is the best way of life for us, we all love it, sure there are times when it all feels a little too crazy but it’s so worth it.  I started by fitting everything in around hubbys busy work hours, It was hard going and lots of late nights and working weekends, but right when it got way too much something awful happened, with hubby and a business he had entered into.  One of the hardest times in our life and marriage but these things have a way of working out for the better.  Like the universe knew Dirty Hippie got even busier and I actually needed hubby at home, he found part-time work and now between his part-time work and my work with Dirty Hippie we both get to be around for the kids which is all we need from life right now.

I love my little business and my awesome customers, it’s all been word of mouth and it’s thanks to all of you Dirty Hippie lovers that Dirty Hippie has grown to be what it is today.  I am grateful to everyone who spreads the word about how much they love the products with the awesome reviews they place, sharing in facebook groups, telling friends and buying Dirty Hippie goodies for gifts. My aim is to provide products that you love to use, all natural, as organic as possible and affordable.

I love to hear from you with any feedback, and with product requests.

Thank-you for taking the time to read about us, I am always happy to answer any questions and I try to keep everyone updated on Facebook.

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