Cleonie is an all Australian made and designed swimwear label founded by Sydney-sider, Kitty Scott. Cleonie means ‘Goddess of the Water’, and we think this is a perfectly justified name – why? They haven’t just caught Greenstyle’s eyes’ for their mesmerizing colour scheme. In fact the way they create these products actually protects our oceans! Here’s how…

They use a sustainable fabric made with ECONYL®, which is a regenerated nylon sourced from waste, such as old fishing nets. The first step of this process is rescuing waste polluting our oceans and then ultimately reimagining the material into a brand new regenerative product. In addition each piece of swimwear is created as the order is placed, thereby minimising waste. 

We’re so proud and delighted to see fellow Aussies openly take such a progessrive stance in their business and advocate for “slow fashion”. We chose a handful of beautiful products but there are so many more cuts and colours for every body shape or personal style! If you’ve been thinking about investing in a new piece for your wardrobe we seriously recommend heading over to their website.

Products We Love