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    A love for learning, a love for people, and a love for the planet is the foundation of our work.

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    Providing tools on how you can lower your textile waste, carbon footprint, and challenge societal consumer norms.

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    Future focused

    Today's youth are invaluable, we want to allow you to stay engaged with practices that will better our future society.

Greenstyle was initially started by Nicola Tsiolis and Maha Fier after they met through the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council. It was created as a response to the impact COVID-19 was having on sustainable fashion businesses. The Greenstyle Podcast’s main focus was to help share the stories of epic sustainable fashion brands to the public while educating listeners about the detriment that the fast fashion industry has on our environment. 

After releasing a few podcasts, Lucy Roff was introduced to the team to help build Greenstyle. Now, we strive for a better planet where conservation & sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. We put the spotlight on Kiwi and Aussie individuals who have managed to challenge the status quo in areas of beauty, fashion and business. 

We podcast, we blog and share our favourite sustainable fashion brands on our website. We want to help you think about how you consume and how we can all do so in a way that doesn’t cost our earth. 

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    Maha Fier lives in Auckland, New Zealand. She’s currently at university studying Law and Global Studies majoring in Sustainable Development. With aspirations to work in environmental law & policy, she wants to ensure we protect our blue planet while actively acknowledging indigenous values. Having an obsession with sustainable fashion since doing fashion and design for four years in high school, it was only in her last year that she was introduced to the detrimental impacts the fast fashion industry has on our planet and workers. Creating Greenstyle was one way to take action, but she’s excited to see how the sustainable fashion revolution grows in New Zealand and Australia while sustainable business becomes the norm.

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    Nicola Tsiolis is a passionate 19-year-old Cypriot-Australian Ocean lover. Since the age of seven, she has aspired to become a Marine Biologist and work within the ocean; learning, discovering, protecting and conserving the abundant, extraordinary life that lives within the ocean’s depths. Nicola aims to continue this journey of learning about and understanding environmental conservation through studying a Bachelor of Marine Science at Deakin University. Her passion and ambition for environmental activism and conservation is the driving force behind her active involvement in all things related to the ocean, including fashion. As an Ocean Youth Ambassador (2019), Nicola has founded Sea Change Network and has also become a part of the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council; seeking every opportunity to learn and grow deeper with a team of like-minded young people. Nicola's innate love and passion for the ocean and Earth, is at the core to all her life ambitions.

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    Lucy Roff is completing a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. While being in the public relations stream, her minor is in politics and economics. This is in order to have a stronger grasp on the context involved in strategic planning. She’s also completed Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology, and enjoys volunteering at her city’s annual fashion week. When she’s not stalking her favourite accounts on Depop, she enjoys running, meeting Nicola (another host) for coffee and of course, researching for the next podcast episode.

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