A Circular Fashion Label, A.BCH with Courtney Holm

15 April 2021

Blog post

This week , Nicola Tsiolis is interviewing founder and much more of the Melbourne based label A.BCH, Courtney Holm. Article By Courtney Holm is nothing short of incredible.

A circular fashion label that has every process thought through from growing, to cutting and creating to when the life of the garment may be on its last thread (sorry about the pun)! As they state, “A.BCH is a circular fashion label. We’re transforming the way people buy, wear and discard clothing.” and they are doing just that.

Through this episode you’ll gain such a great appreciation for every aspect within this circular label and just how passionate Courtney is! Thank you for speaking to us Courtney, we all learnt so much, it was truly incredible! Enjoy this episode!

The link below is a materials list which explores in-depth, different materials A.BCH does/doesn’t love and why that is! Check it out.


Link to A.BCH website: https://abch.world/