More than Jeans, Outland Denim with James Bartle

10 January 2021

Blog post

This week, Nicola Tsiolis is interviewing founder and CEO of Outland Denim, James Bartle! Outland Denim was founded with a vision to enable freedom for vulnerable women in Cambodia.

The company itself has a unique business model that proves that the fashion industry can be the solution to some of the world’s most pressing global, social and environmental issues. Throughout this episode you will become familiar with Outland Denims mission to not only empower communities within Cambodia, but to be consistently progressive, innovative and transparent in providing timeless denim garments with people and planet in mind. Outland Denim is using ‘fashion as a force for good’ and we at Greenstyle are all here for it! We are also pleased to announce that Outland Denim has also offered YOU (our listeners) 10% off using code Greenstyle10 at checkout. Link: We really hope you enjoy this episode!