Getting the World Outside with Cam Greenwood

20 December 2020

Blog post

Co-founder of the Australian outdoor brand, Cam Greenwood and his wife, started Zorali in 2019. After a rocky start in business, Cam came out the other side and created Zorali. He advocates for the power of nature and what its offers in terms of sustainability and our greater wellbeing.

It’s been a tricky year for businesses, particularly Zorali as their mission is to get the world outside! Yet…this year it has been mostly illegal to do that in Australia. Cam talks about how they tried to work around these barriers, and stay true to their brand values (with their customers and suppliers). Lucy and Cam talk about practices being undertaken within the business to ensure minimal damage to the environment. But, they also discuss consumers, and how they are-or are not-engaged in issues such as sustainability. Approaches to communicating fast fashion as an issue are evolving and Zorali is creating a narrative around their brand that invites all people to be apart of a more sustainable lifestyle.