Nisa Women’s Elisha Watson, Inside the Workshop

2 July 2020

Blog post

This week, Maha Fier is interviewing CEO and Founder of New Zealand underwear brand Nisa Women, Elisha Watson. Nisa is an underwear label which aims to help refugee women by integrating them into the workforce within New Zealand. The mission of Nisa is to provide these women with interesting paid work while producing ‘kick-ass’ underwear.

Elisha was inspired to help these women while she was a lawyer, volunteering at the Red Cross part time. Her role was to help resettle refugee families that were moving into Wellington. She found that main thing that these families wanted was a place to work, therefore decided to create a social enterprise for them to have a safe space to do so. Going behind the scenes of the Nisa Women workshop, Maha talks to Elisha about why she decided to create an ethical fashion business as the type of social enterprise to create while diving into the methods that Nisa use to make their clothing sustainable. MEDIA:


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