Fitness Label TALA, An Ethical Work Out

16 July 2020

Blog post

Today, Maha Fier talks to fitness label TALA. TALA is an active wear brand based in the UK founded by a young woman named Grace Beverley. Grace is 22 years old, a graduate from Oxford University and was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020.

The brand describes themselves as a sustainable style, inclusive of everyone, being affordable, transparent and innovative with their styles. They describe their mission to create products that are 100% upcycled and they are 92% of the way there. Their packaging is recycled and recyclable, where their tags are made from 100% plantable paper. Meaning that you simply plant these tags, love and care for them, and watch them grow!

In this episode, Maha talks to TALA’s brand manager, Sarah Gillepsie, where she details the creation process of TALA. She also shares her story on how working at TALA has introduced her to the importance of the ethical fashion movement, including discussion around shifts in consumer attitude towards retail businesses. A must listen to episode featuring a business that is turning out to be one of the most influential in the active wear scene.